The Agenda Calendar app launched for Android back in early-January after a long stretch of being available only for iOS devices. The app launched with a price tag of $1.99 and with support for devices running Android 4.0 or later for use. Given I had in the past flirted with an iPad and had been familiar with Agenda, I quickly spent the two bucks and had it running on my Galaxy S III.

Agenda Calendar didn’t bring much in terms of issues when it launched, however that is not to say it was a perfect app. Of course, we suspect it would be hard to call any app perfect. Anyway, the Savvy Apps team has recently rolled-out an update for Agenda Calendar. This update should probably be classified as being on the minor side, but it does bring a few goodies.


The app has gone up to version 1.0.2 and the first item in the changelog is support for 24-hour mode. Touching on this support, Savvy Apps notes that “if Agenda Event Editing is turned OFF, native event creation settings will be used.” The toggle to turn the 24-hour mode on/off can be found in the settings and if you had your device set to display 24-hour time — once Agenda is updated, that toggle should automatically switch to the on position. Other goodies from this update include a fix for four of the most common (and unspecified) crashes and a fix for a major crash issue that was affecting some Android 4.2 users.

The remaining items in the changelog include locations now being a tappable field under an event, the default calendar should now be clearly indicated, the visible calendars should now be clearly indicated and the support link now takes users to the correct support website. Like we said, probably not one that would be considered a major update, but one that still brings some worthwhile goodies. That all being said, those with Agenda already installed should launch the Play Store and grab the update. Those who have yet to check it out, assuming you are willing to spend the $1.99, you can find the app using this link.