Like we have mentioned a time or two here, the developers over at XDA are always making changes and improving things for our beloved Android phones. Today we have an exciting and simple add-on that makes the ADW Launcher (stock in CM7) even better. It is a development playground that is testing new features to see if they are popular enough to integrate into CM7.

For those like me that are always tweaking, changing, and tinkering with their Android phone, this is perfect for you. Basically this is an add on apk that will add features, change some of the aesthetics and functionality all while leaving the launcher the same for the most part. They are small changes that make things nicer, easier, and more convenient. The best part about this mod is if you do not like the changes you can simply uninstall the add-on apk and it will be just the way you left it. So you don’t have to fix anything.

Here is a list of some of the main features that are integrated already, and more will be coming soon.


* The application popup menu replaces “Uninstall” with “Settings”. This takes you to the Application Info window instead. There is an uninstall button on this screen, but also has a lot of other useful information.
* Added “Market” to the application popup window. This takes you to the application in the Market App. Great for quickly seeing updates/comments.
* Added “Choose Group” to the application popup window. This allows you to take an application and pick what groups you want it in. As apposed to opening the group and finding the application to add. Very efficient for newly installed apps.
* The popup menu can now be used in the app drawer. This gives access to the new settings, market and choose group options.
* Replaced drawer’s ALL with UNGROUPED. Gone is the ALL list of applications in the app drawer. It has been replaced by the UNGROUPED list. This list only shows the apps that have no group assigned. As you move apps to groups, this list shrinks and makes it easier to find newly installed apps.
* Opening/Changing groups in the app drawer does a quick animation to tell you the name of the group.

If you would like to try this out yourself and enjoy some of these nice new changes feel free to download and install the apk below. For more information and to ask any questions you can check out the via link at the bottom also.

Download Development Launcher

[via XDA Forums]