Waaay back in December of 2010, the folks at Advent had a rather disturbing set of words to share, all of them adding up to the fact that they’d be pulling Flash Player 10.1 from their Vega tablets until further notice. Why? Because according to Advent, their tablets did “not exhibit the optimal performance that the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor is capable of running with certain Flash website content.” They went on to mention, back in December, that Flash Player would be restored by early 2011. That time is right the heck now, today!

The above tweet was just made minutes ago by Advent, linking you Vega users to the following location for the update: http://bit.ly/cDd99a. This link leads to a download of Build 1.09 which will give you everything you need to run Flash Player 10.1, that lovely magic maker. Advent also notes that a soft update should be coming early next week.

Users! Do you have an Advent Vega? If so, do you use it every day, and are you satisfied with your purchase thus far?

[via Twitter]