Google Advanced Protection Program

It’s always not good to say this but Android isn’t that secure. Google does everything in its power though to provide solutions and make things more secure and more private but like all software, hardware, and systems, it can’t be perfect. There will be issues but companies like Google ought to lessen whatever issue that may arise. The tech giant always aims to secure all devices with personalized protections that work. Google is introducing the Advanced Protection Program that helps most high-risk users to be protected at all times.

High-risk consumers are those employees or executives in finance or the government, political campaign member, activities , and journalists. With the protection program, they can be secured and protected from targeted attacks. Google has been helping these groups for years now, sending warnings to users all over the world. The period of July to September 2019 along, over 12,000 warnings were sent out.

While the Advanced Protection Program has been helpful, not many people can easily enroll. Google has made sign-up easier whether an Android device or an iPhone.

Once enrolled, mobile consumers can take advantage of added protection from phising attacks. It requires security keys so not anyone can easily get into your device.

Advanced Protection Program can now be built-in into your smartphone (at least Android 7 or iOS 10). Just register and log-in. Go to to activate your phone’s security key. Enroll in the program with only one click and you are guaranteed now of a safer Android device.


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