Who knew that we’d reached that time and age that whatever you see on your mobile screen can be recorded for future use and reference? It’s not really a new and hard thing to do but there is certainly an easier way to do it on your Android device. Most of the related screen recorder apps we know require some rooting but this ADV Screen Recorder is Google-approved so you can fully enjoy the app with no restrictions at all.

ADV Screen Recorder allows you to do a lot of things including record with two engines (advanced and default), pause recording when needed, draw on the fly with your preferred color, or trim video among others. You can also use either the front of back camera while cording and for full customization of the video, you can freely set the text or banner depending on what you want to see on the screen.

The ADV Screen Recorder app is also free so you can easily record the activities on your screen. Video recording a screencast can be helpful to anyone who wants to use videos to demonstrate or teach others a number of skills, how-to’s, or even reviews. You can easily trim videos within the app so you can keep and show only the relevant parts of the video to your audience.

Some early users have alreadycommented that the ADV Screen Recorder doesn’t crash unlike other screen recorders they’ve tried. Developer ByteRev also recently made some updates to the app like adding a code to avoid those crashes on some devices, fix front camera distortion on some Samsung devices, and fix the black video preview on Moto G.

Download ADV Screen Recorder from the Google Play Store