If you spend a lot of your allotted TV watching time hooked on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block, then you probably are also the type of person who makes references to the various shows there, whether or not your friends get it. Well now you can bring it to your online conversations as well with the arrival of the Adult Swim Keyboard, now available for your Android devices. Whether you just want to convert your friends to watch shows with you, or you’re already part of an Adult Swim Anonymous addicts group, this is a pretty neat app to have.

Adult Swim has been keeping, well, adults, happy since 2001 with its unique brand of more adult humor and animated and live action series that you should keep away from the young ones. With shows like Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, Black Jesus, Mike Tyson Mysteries, it has pretty much established itself as an alternative, transgressive, and ultimately weird spin-off TV channel. And now you can bring the weirdness to your messages and conversations.

There are more than 150 Adult Swim-themed emojis that come with this app with characters from the various current shows. There are also various GIFs that are grouped into emoticons to help you figure out the best one to send with your current mood. There are also soundbites from actual shows which you can send depending on the occasion and situation.

You can download the Adult Swim Keyboard from the Google Play Store for free. No in-app purchases needed. There have been a few complaints that it isn’t that perfect yet, but it should be fixed in the next few updates.