The MAX event, an annual gathering that Adobe organizes for digital creative types, usually also brings with it major announcements about their products. This year was no exception as the keynote session introduced brand new products (a 3D desktop app among them), updated current apps and also introduced new ones that would improve workflow from the desktop to mobile devices and vice versa.

First off, the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has been update to version 1.3, and with it comes some minor adjustments to give you a better experience when using the app for retouching your mobile photos. You can now refine the colors with the Color / B&W adjustment tool, and even control its tone with the Tone Curve adjustment tool. And if you always get confused when finding photos to edit or share, the Lightroom Photos collection now shows photos by date. There are other improvements, like better adjusting, aligning or auto-straightening.

Screenshot 2015-10-06 18.03.18

Meanwhile, they’ve also introduced two new apps to add to the already confusing family of Adobe mobile apps. Adobe Illustrator Draw is a free-hand drawing tool that will let you connect to the Illustrator CC desktop app if you need layered vector images and also to the Photoshop CC app for exporting fattened PNG images. And it can sync to your desktop so it will automatically open the correct app that you want. The Capture CC app combines the features of Brush CC, Color CC, and Shape CC, and all those 3 apps are actually being discontinued. It has the ability to sketch vectors and export them to your CC, create new brushes, and generate color themes from the photos you take.

Screenshot 2015-10-06 18.04.01


Illustrator CC meanwhile can now support mobile-to-desktop workflows, using the apps we just mentioned, and connecting them to the desktop app and through the Creative Cloud, where supposedly all your projects and photos are stored and easily accessible by any of your connected devices.


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