Adobe has just recently announced Shadow, their new toolkit to help developers make their web page perfectly functional on any mobile device. With so many different Android devices currently on the market, this is going to work wonders for web professionals when trying to find problems in their code. As you navigate through each page and link, Shadow lets you know what will be compatible with different screen sizes.

Having to test out webpage formatting on every single device out there is simply miserable, and can take much more time than one should have put forth. And at the rate new devices are coming out, it’s safe to say Adobe Shadow couldn’t come at a better time. It will also appeal to developers that took the HTML5 route rather than creating native Android applications.

Just plug in multiple devices into your computer, and Adobe Shadow will proofread all your code at once. It hasn’t been easier. For a more in-depth video of what Shadow can do for web developers, take a look at what Adobe executive Bruce Bowman has to say.

[via Forbes]