It seems that Adobe hasn’t totally forgotten about Android yet. It has just released a new app called Revel that gives users a semi-private place to share their photos with family and friends without having to worry about unwanted eyes taking a peek as well.

Adobe Revel is practically a photo sharing platform with user access control. But instead of defaulting to sharing everything with everyone and anyone, Revel presumes that you want to share with as limited a number of people as possible. With Group Libraries, users can not only share photos with only the people they want, but those people can also add their own photos into the collection. This makes Revel more of a collaborative activity, perfect for pooling family photos together for family members and only family members to see.

But Revel is more than just a social photo sharing service . It is a cloud-enabled photo app in its own right. Revel allows users to sync their photos across all supported devices, desktop or mobile, so that you can take them anywhere with you. And being Adobe, there is naturally some element of photo editing available, with different filter and effects options.

Adobe Revel is now on Google Play Store and is compatible with any Android device running Android 4.0 and higher. The app is available for free but it does require users to sign in with an Adobe, Google+ or Facebook account.

Download: Adobe Revel on Google Play Store