Adobe Photoshop Touch has been available for Android tablets for some time now, however as of today, that support has come available for smartphones as well. The smartphone support has arrived in the form of a new app called Photoshop Touch for Phone and can be found by way of the Google Play Store. The app will seem familiar for those who have been using the tablet version. One exception to that statement however is the price, Photoshop Touch for Phone is $4.99.

For those keeping track, the tablet version of Photoshop Touch remains priced at $9.99. And yes, this means those who are running the tablet version would need to make another purchase should they decide they want and/or need the phone version. The app is noted as being “almost identical set of features with the tablet app, in an experience designed for smaller screens.” That is to say Photoshop Touch for Phone users can expect to have features to include layers, advanced selection tools, adjustments and filters.

The phone version also includes a Photoshop Touch exclusive feature called Scribble Selection. This brings the ability to make high-precision selections using nothing more than your finger. Other features include Camera Fill which blends the camera feed with layers in real-time. And for those who cannot get enough filters, Photoshop Touch for Phone brings a new filter called Ripple as well as the ones that are available in the tablet version.

Those using the app on their phone will also get a free 2GB Adobe Creative Cloud account which will serve as a place to store files. The nice part with that, you can begin working on an image on your phone, save it to your Creative Cloud account and then pick up the editing using another device. Features aside, Photoshop Touch for Phone is currently sitting at version 1.0.0 and with support for devices running Android 4.0 ICS or later.

[via Adobe]


  1. Added to Play wishlist, maybe they do a promo at some point. Annoyingly, searching straight for “Photoshop Touch” only shows the miserable Photoshop Express, only when you display “more apps from developer” do you get it listed.


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