Adobe Reader has been updated, and brings with it some interesting new features. Users will now gain the ability to convert files to Word or Excel, and conversely take those file types and convert them to PDF. while the app remains free, the added functionality does not come cheap.

The new tools also don’t come with a one-time cost. there are now two subscription models for Adobe Reader, should you want to take advantage of the new features. The Export PDF Bundle will allow you to convert PDF to Word or Excel format, as well as rich text. We’ll also be able to make text editable, and get 10GB storage in Adobe’s cloud. This comes to us for $1.99/month.

The second package — or PDF Pack — allows for unlimited PDF conversions, and allows you to make a PDF from a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file. You can convert images to PDF, as well as export PDF files to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. This package includes 50GB of cloud storage, and will cost $9.99/month.

For the casual user, the upgrades may not make much sense. We have things like QuickOffice that can do an adequate job with PDF viewing. For the power user, especially the business user who needs mobile PDF capabilities, these will come in very handy. We’re a little troubled by a subscription model, but a one-time fee may cause some enterprise users to abuse the service, so we understand. If you’re interested, Adobe Reader is available in the Play Store.