Photoshop Express for Android has been revamped, offering users more editing tools. Adobe says their app has been completely redesigned, and thoroughly reimagined for Android 4.4. Those with the full Photoshop suite will love the new Express app, as will those who use it casually.

 Express now comes with support for Revel, Adobe’s cloud service. The cloud storage allows for photo and video uploads, and Express users can now edit and upload in Revel. The new app also allows for sharing straight from Adobe’s cloud system, making for a more streamlined approach.

Editing features have also be revamped, with Adobe giving us additional tools and tweaks for better on-the-go editing. There are various new and updated filters, corrections, and cropping available. A new slider control allows for slighter controls, giving us all the ability to fine-tune our pics like never before in Photoshop Express.

Though redone and reworked, one new feature doesn’t work. Photoshop Express simply doesn’t work with Android’s ART runtime. Adobe openly admits to the issue on the Play Store page, and promises they’re working on it with Google. Thankfully, ART is still more a beta product than a daily-use item, as most of us still use Dalvik to keep things moving on our devices.

The app is free, which brings a great mobile suite to your device. Unfortunately, the Revel cloud storage will run you $5.99/month after a 30 day trial. For power users, it’s likely not going to be a problem to fork over some cash each month, but others may not feel the need. Still, the app is free, and really good, especially on tablets.
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