Adobe has launched a new suite of Touch Apps for the artists and photo editors out there that like to work on the go. The apps support Android devices and allow the user to have some of the functionality that is found in Adobe Creative Suite. These apps were announced last month and can be picked up right now on the Android Market with each priced at $9.99.

Apparently, there are iOS version of these apps in the works as well. The apps include Photoshop Touch for editing images on the go. Adobe Ideas is an app for sketching and Adobe Proto is an app that allows you to prototype mobile apps and websites from the tablet. The apps sound perfect for the graphic designer that is out of the office a lot of just for a geek that likes to tinker.

There are several other apps too including Adobe Collage for creating moodboards for project planning. The final touch App is Adobe Debut that is intended to allow the sharing and reviewing of work. All five of the apps will also integrate with Adobe Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud is a web-based file sharing tool that allows users to work on files on the go and then put them back on the desk in the office when they return.

[via SlashGear]