One of the most exciting announcements that came out of Google’s I/O 2016 conference is that Google Play will be coming to its Chromebook so that users will be able to enhance both their work and leisure on their tablet/laptop. One brand that seems pretty excited about this development is Adobe, as they immediately sent out a press release expressing their joy at this upcoming change, since users will soon be able to enjoy their apps on the Chromebook as well.

Adobe also shared some numbers, saying that their Acrobat Reader has been downloaded 300 million times on Android devices. Their other creative apps like Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop, etc have also been downloaded millions of times across all of them. And now that Chrome OS will be able to run apps like theirs on their Chromebooks soon, this will open up a lot of productivity and creative opportunities for users.

As more and more people move away from the desktops, for both business and pleasure, the way we access our digital life is continuing to evolve. Hybrid tablet/laptop devices, and even pure tablets that can act as their main work device are in constant demand with the Surface Pros and iPad Pros and now, the changes to Chromebook as well. People have been moving away from programs and browsers as well, and that’s where app developers like Adobe come in. They have expressed excitement in continuing to enhance their current line-up and maybe even create more apps to adapt to this trend.

Select Chromebooks will start receiving Android apps in June. But for others, they would need to wait a few more months before the apps start arriving to their mobile work and entertainment sections.