We mentioned yesterday that early this morning Flash Player 11 would hit the Android market. The new Flash Player is on the market right now for you to download. Adobe does point out that before you download and install of Flash Player 11 you need to be sure that you are on the latest version of the Android OS and that your firmware is up to date. Android 3.0 tablets need to be updated to Android 3.1 before installing.

On Android 3.1 tablets the Flash Player content is delivered in full screen using buttons on the menu provided by the content provider. The app is 6.2MB and will work with Android OS 2.2 and higher. You might want to look at the list of Flash Player certified devices that is on the Adobe site to be sure your device is listed.

Some of the comments on the app are pointing out that it takes a lot of space to run. One user claims that Flash Player 11 takes over 10MB of space. Despite complaints about the size of the program, it still has a 4.5 rating on the Android Market. You can download Flash Player 11 here and let us know what you think.


  1. I never asked for it to be downloaded, it downloaded itself, caused my phone to stop functioning by filling up the memory. I have now removed it. Adobe seem to think they can take over my phone like they used to try to take over my pc when it ran Windows.
    If anyone knows of a way to block Adobe for ever please tell


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