Today on the official Adobe Blog Adobe has outlined plenty of what we will see in the future. With Flash Player 11, AIR 3, 3D and console quality gaming and more all across multiple platforms and especially mobile, all thanks to Flash 11 and AIR 3. According to Adobe these updates will bring the “next generation of immersive apps across platforms including Android, iOS (via AIR), BlackBerry Tablet OS, Mac OS, Windows, connected TVs and other platforms.”

Adobe has outlined some pretty impressive details today, setting the bar high for themselves and I can’t wait to see this all develop over the next few months. They’ve stated we should see updates for Flash Player and AIR both starting in October. According to Adobe Flash 11 and AIR 3 is and will be the next-generation console, all built around the web and accessed from all the devices outlined above. With something new they are calling Stage 3 (codenamed Molehill) we can expect flash performance and 3D graphics with up to 1000 times faster rendering that is buttery smooth all available via the web for mobile device access. They’ve included a few demo videos and here is one of the neat ones.

Using Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 provide a cross platform environment that will deliver both gaming and video content to a very wide audience using the single platform. That and developers will be able to use both Flash and HTML5 together to perfect and improve experiences on devices.

This is all said to become available during the month of October, and hitting multiple platforms, devices and the web for daily use as the months continue. When Flash was first announced for Android the wave of comments both negative and positive were large, I’m interested to see if this will truly bring a next level type of performance to the world of Android. with dual and quad-cores making the rounds Flash should be extremely powerful and smooth for day to day mobile use. Head over to the Adobe Blog for in-depth details and more video.