It looks like Adobe hasn’t wasted any time adding some fixes or updated to these two popular apps in the Android Market. Just last week Flash got updated to 10.3 and brought some welcomed changes and updates for Android 3.1 and Honeycomb tablets. This update today doesn’t say much, but updates must be good right.

They don’t mention much for a change-log, as usual but Adobe Air got a few good updates, as well as a compressed size to speed up download and update times.

Adobe Air Changes:

* AAC audio will now decode and play back correctly on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) devices.
* Ghosting and green artifact issue fixed on Android 2.2 devices with the NVIDIA Tegra2

Get the latest Adobe Air for Android by clicking here

Adobe Flash Changes:

* Flash Player – Important bug fixes and security enhancements
* The complete set of release notes can be found at:

Latest Adobe Flash 10.3 by clicking here

From the look of things, and after checking for the release notes this is just a simple bug fix update, as well as a few security enhancements. Nothing has changed in the release notes and it still mentions OMAP 4 support and things for Android 3.1 either way go ahead and get the updates, they should be available on the Android Market any minute now.