Adobe Fill n Sign

Facsimile may be a thing of the past but believe it or not, there are still businesses who use it. Not that I’m totally against it but there are several modern and techie ways to make things digital. There’s a big need now to turn documents into digital files. This way, you can easily save, store, and send them electronically to whoever. You don’t need to print or fax documents with the Adobe Fill & Sign.

The productivity Android app alllows you to scan paper forms and documents with your trusty smartphone or tablet camera, as well as, open an attachment or file from email. To enter checkmarks or text in form fields, simply tap on the screen. You can also make an electronic signature using a stylus or your finger which you can later on use to sign documents.

One of the many benefits of the app is that it allows you to fill forms faster. When you save information on autofill, the app will locate and reuse the text as needed. You can also save forms using the app and then send to other contacts through e-mail. For future use, feel free to export and save them on your cloud.

Download Adobe Fill & Sign from the Google Play Store