When it comes to Adobe the first thought of many is likely to be something software related. Up until now, that would have been the case. Moving forward though, it looks like Adobe will have Project Napoleon and Project Mighty. Both of these are hardware items and yes, they will both work together. Napoleon deals with a digital ruler and Mighty deals with a cloud connected pen.

Beginning first with Project Napoleon, and for those who caught the play on the name, it seems Adobe did that intentionally. That bit aside though, the ruler will be able to create a projected edge that you can use to draw shapes and lines. The ruler is more than just the shapes and lines that you can see on the page though, it can also snap to a vanishing point that is well off the screen. Napoleon is also able to snap to the horizontal or vertical on the page. Simply put though, the Napoleon ruler will have six different modes and it will be used with tablets as well as touchscreen monitors.


Shifting over to Project Mighty and we have the tool that will work side-by-side with the ruler. Mighty is described as being a “cloud pen” that is triangle shaped. The triangle shape was taken from inspiration of childhood. Adobe has said the inspiration for the shape of the pen was taken from the triangular grips that are often used by children. Other than the shape, Adobe mentioned the pen is pressure sensitive, which “helps it draw a natural and expressive line.” Some of the features include easy access to a variety of tools and colors. Mighty also works with the cloud to store previous drawings and because this is all stored in the device memory and in the cloud, the user is able to jump from device to device.

While all this seems interesting enough, there wasn’t anything mentioned in terms of when Adobe plans to have these available for purchase. What they have offered are teasers such as how these items “leverage the best from both the digital and the analog worlds” and how they could help to “enable whole new levels of creative productivity and artistic confidence.”

[via Adobe]