So you’re cashing in on your sweet, sweet Android app and/or game series connected to the AdMob target=”_blank”network for mobile advertising and you’ve got a hankering for some exactitude. You can see the piles of money stacking up, but you can’t see where it’s all coming from. You want to see your numbers plain and simple, and you want to see them in blasting white, black, and red. You’re in luck – developer Matthew Gaunt has the app for you. It’s AdMob [Beta] and it’s ready to feed you what you need.

All you’ve got to do is attach your AdMob account to the app and BAM, you’re connected to the official AdMob API and your latest statistics and revenue numbers from your sites and ads will be adding up before your eyes. They’ve got this free app available in Beta right now and they’re working on a widget as well as we speak. They’ve also mentioned that they don’t have extremely small screen support thus far, but are also working on that now as well.

You should note if you plan on [downloading this app for free] that Beta isn’t just in the name, the app is actually in beta testing right this moment, so there WILL be bugs here and there. You’re encouraged to send feedback to the developer and also let US know how it goes so we can recommend it further should be continue to take off into outer space.

ALSO note that this is not the only app of its kind. You can check out Andlytics for tracking your apps and statistics outside of ads, see Advertising Revenue Viewer for more AdMob action specifically, or take a look at AdMobber, another AdMob specific app for tracking your cash. Each of these apps is relatively new and has fairly good reviews thus far. And BONUS: they’re all free. Test em all out!

[via JHugMan]