Adidas and Monster may be an unlikely partnership, but they did release some pretty cool headphones that were specifically designed and created to be used while listening to your music and working out or exercising at the same time. They’ve announced a new lineup of products that do just that: the adidas Sport Headphones by Monster. They have two models with two different functions you can choose from: the adidas Sport Response and the Sport Supernova.

If you would prefer to block out the whole world except for your music when you do your workout, then you can use the Sport Supernova, which is the in-ear headphones model. What it does is cancel out the ambient noise so that it is just you, your music or audio book or podcast, and the sound of your heartbeat as you do your gym exercises or yoga movements or whatever it is that is keeping you fit.

But if you’re doing outdoor things, like running or walking, as much as you’d like to cancel out the rest of the world’s sounds, you would need to be more aware of the sounds around you. And so the Sport Response does not have noise cancellation, but it still brings you the sound quality that you can expect from Monster and adidas.

The Sport Supernova costs $99.95 while the Sport Response is cheaper of course at just $49.95. Both have the no-slip and sweat-proof SportsClip, in-cable microphones so you can use ControlTalk, and of course hands-free control.

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VIA: SlashGear