Odds are that most of us are familiar with Adblock Plus, it’s the browser plug-in that will block all the ads we are inundated with as we try and surf the web. Adblock Plus has now announced that it is bringing that same ad blocking capability to mobile device users via what it claims is the first mobile browser designed from the ground up to block ads.

The mobile browser promises to block ads automatically and Android users can download the beta of the browser and help test it out now. The browser is powered by the Adblock Plus tech we are already familiar with from the desktop browser extensions.

By blocking ads, the company also claims the browser is faster since ads cause pages to load more slowly and increase battery usage. Blocking the ads can also make surfing the web on your mobile device safer since accidental ad clicks are common and there can be malware behind the ads.

Users of the browser do have the ability to allow non-intrusive ads to be displayed on the mobile device. To join the beta for Adblock plus mobile browser, users need to join the Adblock Browser beta forum on Google+ at the link below.

SOURCE: Google Plus