Viruses, malware, unwanted ads aren’t just for desktops and laptops anymore. Our smartphones and tablets are as much as a victim, especially now that we use them even more than the computers to browse when we’re on the go. Adblock Plus has been a good, faithful companion and add-on to desktop browsers, but now it’s time to have a version for mobile devices. Welcome Adblock Browser, that has finally been allowed onto the Google Play Store.

The app was initially launched back in 2013 as Adblock Plus, but for some reason, Google pulled it from the store. Now they realized that the ad blocking feature and filters should be incorporated onto a browser, and so two years later, Adblock Browser was born. It has been in beta testing since May this year, and apparently more than 300,000 people have downloaded it in its first week, and 78,000 voluntarily tested it by becoming part of the beta community.

The Adblock Browser can help you browse your favorite websites faster, since ads slow it down most of the time. It will also be able to save your battery and data. But more importantly, malware and tracking can be reduced since they oftentimes hide behind these annoying ads. It also enhances your privacy since the browser doesn’t allow any of these tracking ads to have access to your information. You can whitelist the sites that you want to have full access to, and then adjust the settings easily to block all ads or to allow some of them in.

You can download Adblock Browser for Android for free from the Google Play Store. While its functionality may not be as great as other browsers you’re used to like Chrome or Firefox, if your priority is to block ads and malware, then you might want to give this a shot.

SOURCE: Adblock Plus