While Google has been hyping up its Digital Wellbeing features and eventually bringing it to more Android devices with Android Q, there’s already an app available right now that will let you monitor and figure out your, well, digital well-being. The developers of the popular Action Launcher app launched something called ActionDash and it claims to have beaten Google to the punch when it comes to helping you focus. The latest update to the app lets you schedule app blockers and back them automatically.

The focus mode on ActionDash is probably its most useful features. You can manually set up which apps you cannot use to help you focus on your work, school, project or just your general well-being away from your gadget or the internet. Now with version 4.0, you will be able to set up focus mode schedules so you don’t have to manually toggle it on when you know you need to do away with distractions, like setting up “Work Morning” focus mode from 9 AM to 1145 AM every day or scheduling apps to go “off” at 11 PM so you can start winding down for your beauty sleep. You can set up multiple schedules and have it repeat on a weekly, daily, or monthly basis.

You will also now be able to control what you’ll see when you try to use one of the apps that you’ve blocked for a specific time or because of the app usage limits that you’ve set. Previously, you can actually use a meme-type to remind you that you can’t use that app yet. Now you can also have a stats-based screen that will tell you why you can’t use it and when you will be able to use it again. It will show you how long you’ve used it that day or the entire week.

If you’re using a schedule-based focus mode, it will give you a countdown screen telling you how long till you have until you can use your phone regularly. There is always that “deactivate” button underneath but at least you will be able to think about it first before you tap on it. ActionDash 4.0 also now gives you have an option to have your usage data automatically backed up on your Google Drive account, alongside the previous private device data usage that you had.

ActionDash is of course integrated with the Action Launcher app as well. The apps you’ve blocked will show up in grey icons and when you long-press it, you’ll see why it’s blocked and when you can use it again. Update the app to the latest version and enjoy all these features that Google’s Digital Wellbeing doesn’t even have just yet.