While the Digital Wellbeing features that Google introduced are pretty useful if you’re trying to find a healthy balance in using your device, only those that have Pixel and Android One phones can use it (at least for now). But it looks like app developers are now trying to come up with similar and maybe even better apps that can be accessed by almost all Android devices. ActionDash is one such app and it’s made by the same folks that brought you the award-winning Action Launcher.

The ActionDash app brings you “deeper insights and useful customizations” as compared to the actual Digital Wellbeing app from Google. You will be able to know things like how much time you spend on a particular app, how many notifications you receive, how much time you spend on your device all in all, how many times you lock and unlock your phone, etc.

Whether you need this information in order to reduce your device usage or you’re just curious about how much time in a day you use your phone, the stats are there for you to access. You can also include apps like the Pixel Launcher or the Digital Wellbeing app in your usage stats. You can have a dark theme on ActionDash and configure the start of your day to 3AM instead of 12AM (good for night owls or early risers).

Some people have privacy concerns when it comes to giving access to stats like these but ActionDash assures that your usage data actually doesn’t leave your phone, not even to their own servers let alone 3rd party apps. The only time data is shared is if you manually start a backup of your data.

ActionDash is available for free from the Google Play Store. It will run on all Android devices that are running on Lollipop and above.

SOURCE: ActionDash