This year started for the Action Launcher team by introducing the ActionDash app. It’s a digital wellbeing app for all Android devices. It was quickly updated with deeper insights and better security a few months later. Today, the app is getting another update and so we have the ActionDash 3.0. The updated app delivers a number of changes including app limits, focus mode, and Usage Assistant. Highlights of the app are the features related to usage limit, something that many mobile consumers want.

The first feature is the “focus mode” that was earlier planned for the Android P and Android Q phones. Now, all Android devices can get the said mode via the ActionDash 3.0. You only need to configure focus mode under the settings. Apps in focus mode will not be used or activated in any way.

The App usage limits on ActionDash 3.0 allow a user to set daily limits on every app. The Usage Assistant feature is still in beta but it works already, giving live and contextual device usage stats for every user. This helps a consumer to check on time and usage and learn to become more responsible in mobile consumption.

ActionDash 3.0 also brings enhanced theme support. Change to Dark theme and take advantage of system toggle. There’s also the dark grey Dark theme that used to be available for premium users is now available for all.

ActionDash devs have followed the material design guidelines. Content can be seen under the navigation bar. Links on the usage limit features are added on to the app landing page.

Since ActionDash is all about usage limits, we can say this is similar to digital wellbeing app. The team behind the app thinks it’s better as you can easily visualize device usage. Old ActionDash users will definitely appreciate the changes. Even if you are a new ActionDash owner, you will love how it helps you really focus and limit app usage.