The digital wellbeing app ActionDash was first introduced to the Android community back in January by the same team that launched the Action Launcher. It brings the numerous Digital Wellbeing features that Google added introduced to the latest Android OS to more Android phones. This means other Android devices can now enjoy the digital wellbeing features that normally aren’t available on older phones. The app that offers deep customizations and insights is getting a major update with important improvements and new features.

ActionDash 2.0 app offers enhanced security, new insights, app exclusions, and a new 24-hour time setting. While the first version of the app already offers privacy, the updated app offers more sensitive and more private usage with biometric authentication as a basic requirement according to Action Launcher developer Chris Lacy in a blog. This is needed to view available app data.

A new graph has been added. You will see ‘device unlocks’ data so you can see how you use your smartphone all throughout each day. For those asking for filtering options, they are now ready for apps that show up in notification and app usage stats. Such is beneficial for hiding system or navigation apps.

Some users have asked for a 24-hour time setting. It’s now available. You will also see a more refined app icon. Of course, the usual optimizations and bug fixes can also be expected.

ActionDash 2.0 is better than the older version. It is now live on the Play Store, ready to download and install. The default Digital Wellbeing app is good already but this one is better and more efficient because it can do the following: run on all Android devices, visualize app usage and device session time, hide apps, show daily usage summary notification, offer dark theme, customizations, Biometric authentication, visualize weekly average usages, show unlimited usage history, and set manual backup options.