Action Launcher 2.0 exited the beta phase yesterday evening. Version 2.0 had been in beta for sometime, but despite regularly using Action Launcher, we held off on installing the beta release. Well, after spending some time with v2.0 last evening and this morning — we are now wishing we would have updated sooner. First and foremost though, along with some new features, Action Launcher 2.0 also brought a free and paid version.

The main new features this time around are Quickpage and 1-Swipe. Of course, the app also offers quite a more more such as the Quickdrawer, Covers and Shutters. Beginning first with the Quickpage, this is a feature that gives Action Launcher users a fully functional homescreen with a swipe from the right. While this sounds like something that could have already been done with a swipe (after all, Android allows for multiple homescreens), there is a nice perk here.

You see, the Quickpage can be accessed while you are using another app. One example would be listening to music. With your music app of choice up on the homescreen you can swipe from the right and get the Quickpage. Further details on the Quickpage show it being able to do just about anything a regular homepage can do. That includes adding widgets, apps and folders.

Quickpage is connected with the other new feature, 1-Swipe. This other is still listed as beta and will need to be enabled in the Action Launcher settings, however once enabled it will allow you to access the Quickpage or Quickdrawer while still in another app. Basically, this improves the multi-tasking experience and in general, seems to mean less clicks and taps to switch between apps.

That said, the video sitting below offers a bit of a walkthrough. And otherwise, Action Launcher 2.0 can be found in the Google Play Store. Remember, there is the free version and also a paid version. Coincidentally, the paid version is currently 50 percent off at the moment.