Managing our email has now become a race against time as everyday, an avalanche of new messages sometimes hit our personal and business inboxes. We’ve tried labels, filters, not reading them at all and going straight to delete, but all those seem to barely help us (no, we cannot delete our email account at all). Email app Acompli has now arrived for Android devices and they’re claiming they’ve found the solution to this problem: they’ll manage your email for you.

According to the app developers, they’ve done exhaustive research on how to help users deal with their email influx. Industry analysts have predicted that the volume will not decrease at all but will in fact get higher and more and more we will be relying on mobile devices to deal with them. Those are the insights that they used to create their “Focused Inbox” that will not just triage or delete unnecessary ones. Instead, it will separate it into just two categories: “Focused” and “Others”. Through a beta test using thousands of users, they were able to refine the algorithms to determine which emails go into which category. But in case they get it occasionally wrong, you can easily switch the emails from the one category to another.

Aside from its Focused Inbox, Acompli also “tightly” integrates your calendar with your email, although other email apps have been doing this too. If you work on your mobile, it is also assumed that most of your files are in the cloud and so Acompli makes it much easier to attach files from your Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. And you can even send large files even if you haven’t downloaded them on your phone.

Other email apps like Gmail, Mailbox, Blue Mail, etc have also been tinkering with how we can eventually solve that pesky problem of too many emails. If you want to try and see if Acompli’s method is effective for your personal and business needs, you can download it for free through the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Acompli