We have been seeing a lot of teaser videos lately for the annual Computex 2013 event coming up shortly, and today Acer has joined in on the action. Today they’ve released a new teaser video for the event that’s quite funny, while also hinting at some possible Android/Windows hybrid tablets. Teasing us with tablets covered in an Android-green cloth, and that’s all we get.

Acer hasn’t been a big name lately in Android tablets, but they’ve still been releasing some pretty decent slates. We have a feeling a Tegra 4 device is in the works from Acer, but won’t know until their global press conference on June 3rd for Computex. It’s about time we see some new flagship tablets from Acer.

Earlier in May they revealed their budget Iconia A1, but we have a feeling they’ll have something much better to display next week in Taipei. At the same time they vowed to offer budget slates for 2013. Teasing a tablet that lets you do more than “just use apps and surf the web”. Take a peek below:

They also take the moment to toss in a little humor. Joking around about “the guy leaking specs on the internet” and we all know who he’s talking about with that one. ASUS has some big plans and teaser videos for Computex, and now it looks like Acer will also be bringing their A game.

We only have to wait a week before we see what they have in store. Any last minute guesses on Acer’s newest products?