Computex is happening in Taiwan next month and before it opens, Acer has announced two tablets under the Iconia series. The Iconia One 10 and the Icone Tab 10 both run Android 7.0 Nougat OS out of the box already. The Tab 10 is ideal for those who wants to use the tablet for media playback. Whether you’re watching your favorite shows or listening to music, the tablet’s audio system will impress you.

The Acer Iconia Tab 10 (model A3-A50) boasts of a patented subwoofer plus four speakers for premium audio quality. The Acer Iconia One 10 (model B3-A40FHD) comes with dual micro-USB ports for enhanced productivity. This means you can charge it and at the same time connect other devices like a mouse, keyboard, or a storage drive.

The Tab 10 boasts of a Quantum Dot display for very high quality visuals. There is deeper saturation and more vivid colors. The audio system is completed by the Acer MediaMaster that lets users personalize their settings for different types of music or movies.

The two Acer Iconia tablets run quad-core MediaTek processors and Nougat OS. They are like any other tablets but Acer is offering smart tools for everyone. Some special features include the Memory Cleaner, EZ Mode, EZ Snap, and EZ WakeUp. One tool manages the tablet’s memory, apps, and storage and helps optimize the system. The EZ Mode lets you customize your interface while EZ Snap allows you to take a screen with a three-finger pinch. The EZ WakeUp lets you load an app or awaken the tablet with quick gestures.

No information on pricing and exact availability but expect smaller announcements in different regions.