Acer has already received some positive attention for its Iconia B1 tablet, which is a 7-incher that’s aimed at the budget crowd. Looking to take a slice of Google’s Nexus 7 pie isn’t easy, but it seems that Acer wants to push forward by offering new budget-friendly tablets in 2013. Specifically, it appears that Acer CEO Linxian Lang told the China Times that it will have low-cost 8 and 10-inch tablets coming up later this year.

These tablets are said to have a price point ranging from 150 to 175 Euros, which puts them at about $202 to $236. That certainly isn’t bad considering how expensive some tablets can get, but of course, pricing hasn’t been set in stone yet, so that could change. These tablets will also come packed with quad-core processors, which will make them all the more attractive to those looking for a deal.

So, in 2013, we may see Acer try to corner the entry-level market. That isn’t a bad idea, because while others like Apple and Samsung duke it out over the high-end tablet crowd, Acer can make its tablets appeal to more mainstream users. That could potentially result in quite a few sales, so provided Acer can offer these quad-core tablets on the cheap, it might just have a winning strategy on its hands.

Lang discussed the tablet market when talking to the China Times, saying that the company expects 200 million tablets to be sold this year. Of those 200 million, 80 million will be expensive high-end devices, leaving 120 million sales to the mainsteam crowd. If those projections are accurate, then there should be plenty of market share to capture when it comes to entry-level and mid-range tablets. We’ll have to wait and see if Acer makes any formal announcements for these tablets, so stay tuned.

[via Notebook Italia]