Acer, who is no stranger to low cost devices, may have outdone themselves. Released in China, their new Tab 7 checks in at around $99. Though you might not expect much from a $99 tablet, this one has some interesting benchmarks, which could make it more desirable than their B1, available stateside. Of course, there is a good chance we won’t get the option.

The Tab 7 has some decent specs to go along with that low price point, making it a really interesting option for those who can get their hands on one. The 7-inch screen has a resolution of 1024 x 600, which isn’t the best we’ve seen by any stretch. The 1.5 GHz dual-core processor is evidently pretty snappy, as it clocks in a full 200 MHz higher than the B1. The B1 is also $30 more expensive.

Rounding out the specs is a VGA front-facing camera, 1.3MP rear shooter, 1GB RAM, 8GB Memory (expandable by MicroSD), and a 3,000 mAh battery. Running Android 4.2, the device has the normal tablet accouterments you’d expect, like WiFi and Bluetooth. Though similar in specs and price to the B1, the Tab 7 probably isn’t going to compete with it. It seems the Tab 7 is meant for China, specifically.

We’d like to see something of this type — and price — enter the US, but it doesn’t seem likely from Acer. The B1 is a good alternative, but that magical $99 price point is just so attractive! Maybe 2014 will bring us luck, and we’ll get a seriously low-end tablet contender to round out the Nexus 7’s dominance in the high spec/mid-range price market.


  1. I wonder how long the actual battery life will be using this device, in the passed I have been somewhat disappointed with the battery life in Acer products. The 3000 mAh battery seems oke, though when comparing it to my S3 smartphone, in which I placed a 3000 mAh battery as well, it lasts about a day. Based on the specs of the Acer Tab 7 I can’t imagine its battery performing that long.


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