Liquid Leap + Fitness Watch

Just in case you didn’t know, Acer has already leaped into the health and fitness tracking game with the Liquid Leap+. This fitness tracker is now available in the US, ready to help those fitness buffs and wannabes to up their game. There are several similar models available in the market but this one boasts of a wider range of fitness tracking functions and works with Android, as well as, Windows and iOS.

The Acer Liquid Leap+ is stylish yet comfortable to use. It also comes with three interchangeable bands so you can choose whatever to match your outfit or mood. You can choose from either the Lime Green, Fuchsia Pink, or Charcoal Black band. The Leap+ also features an IPX7 water proof design so you don’t have to worry about the wearable device getting wet or being submerged in underwater up one meter.

Aside from tracking the number of steps, distance, calories, and hours of sleep, the Liquid Leap+ can also work as an alarm and accept text and call notifications. It has advanced features so I guess you can say it’s already a smartwatch.

The sleek and stylish Leap+ features a button-free design and super slim OLED touchscreen display. It’s more than just a pretty fitness tracker though as it can work as an all-around fitness companion as described by Acer. It works with the Acer Leap Manager app to track how many calories have been burned with the calorie tracker or to log sleep hours, or the number of steps or distance walked.

You can also sync the Liquid Leap+ with any nearby Bluetooth 4.0-compatible device so you can control music or set notifications for calendar events, alarms, text, calls, and emails. Device can last up to seven days and can be charged via micro USB. Price tag reads $79.00 and is now available at the Acer store online.


  1. Is it just me or do these things look EXACTLY like the Striiv Fusion devices??? Right down to the metal clasp and screen icons…


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