Now here’s what we like to see: a manufacturer that’s proactive in getting their customers upgraded to the latest software. Acer might have been somewhat behind the curve when it came to granting Android 4.0 to their Iconia Tab A500 model, but now that it’s out, they want to make sure those who want it right away can get it as quickly as possible. Their new ICONIA TAB update Enhancement app will help users to do just that.

The free app is basically a more official way of doing ye olde manual update. Whereas advanced users usually load up a secondhand ZIP file into their stock or custom recovery, the Acer app sends a message to the company’s servers to send you the latest software quick, fast and in a hurry. While it’s clearly been implemented to get out this weeks Ice Cream Sandwich update, it should work for future security and feature patches as well.

At the moment only the Iconia Tab A500 is supported – more’s the pity for owners of the 7-inch A100. But odds are pretty good that Acer will release a similar app for the smaller tablet before too long. I wish more manufacturers would take Acer’s lead on this – it sure would save a lot of rebooting and awkward button combinations.

[via Droid-Life]


    • Ya this whole thing is a bad need this app to recieve the update so some noobs think its for getting the update right away, because they got the update rightafter installing the app.This is only because they happened to be in the region that was getting the update then. DELETE THIS WHOLE ARTICLE, OR CHANGE TO CANT GET ICS WITHOUT THIS APP. -KID ANDROID

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  2. I have tried downloading ICS for the past 3 days via the built-in updater. Didn’t work. Then I saw your article and opened up Google Play. However, when I select this app using Google Play on my computer, it says that this app is not compatible with my A500. Yes, it shows the A500 in the drop down list of my devices.
    Via Play on the tab itself, it doesn’t show this app at all.
    How precisely does one go about installing it???

  3. Every time i am trying to update manually massage for poor network coverage poping up with an advice to chnage your location nothing works


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