Another one of Acer’s new goodies to be displayed at CES 2015 is the Acer H7550ST Full HD projector, a projector that is capable of throwing 1080p images and video to the screen. What’s more interesting about the device is that it seems to have incorporated Chromecast-like functionality via a hidden wireless adapter. Interesting.

At the forefront of it, the Acer H7550ST is still a projector – one with a high 3000 lumens brightness that should be able to relatively handle indoor daylight situations, Short-Throw technology that enables it to project up to 300 inches diagonally from short distances, and a native contrast ratio of 16,000:1.


But what sets it apart is its ability to take wireless data being streamed to it via a laptop or a desktop and stream it directly on screen. It can also use dongles such as Chromecast and other such technology, but that would just be redundant, as the capability to stream is already native.

Aside from that, the high-end projector also includes 20w speakers if you are not able to find audio outputs for your video. As such, the projector is also able to stream audio to Bluetooth speakers. Pretty nifty. Pricing is at USD$999. Check it out at CES 2015 in Las Vegas if you can.