The Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers continue their assault on the smartphone market with better specs for their phones at lower-than-flagship prices. Acer is one of those manufacturers, coming out with the Liquid Jade S, a new smartphone with ‘true’ octa-core processing as its main weapon.

That weapon is provided by the MediaTek MT6752M 1.5GHz eight-core processor, which sits under the hood of the Acer Liquid Jade S. They are hyping this as “true” octa-core processing because it’s not making use of the big.LITTLE architecture that most new octa-core processors like to use (using 4 high performance cores partnered with 4 lower speed cores for better energy management). We’d like to see the battery performance on the Liquid Jade S, as the big.LITTLE architecture is there to prevent the proc from being a battery hog, so jury’s out on that specific feature.

After that, you have the now-standard 2GB of RAM plus 16GB of internal storage. The Liquid Jade S also has a 5-inch 1280×720 HD screen, which if you can see from the images takes from other sleek designs of minimizing the bezel area – making the device look more premium. It’s also got a large aperture (f1.8) 13MP rear camera partnered with a 5MP front shooter. The phone has a dual SIM feature – as with all phones launching from this region – one is LTE-capable while the other is for 2G only. All of this runs under Android 4.4.4 Kitkat – no news on whether a Lollipop upgrade is on the horizon, but it should be, right?


The Liquid Jade S comes in three colors – white, purple (which looks like black in the pics, honestly), and red. There is also that bit about the DTS speakers at the back, although we don’t know how that will perform. Acer has expressly mentioned that the device is targeted at a more female market priced at around USD$225.

VIA: Eprice