This week at Mobile World Congress the folks from Acer had a pretty mild showing, but we all had a feeling more was coming as they’ve continued their Android push. Today though, reports are surfacing that Acer’s president revealed a quad-core smartphone from the company is in the works and coming soon. This will be their first quad-core smartphone.

According to GSMArena during an interview for the official MWC paper the President of Acer’s smartphone department gave off a few clues but was careful not to reveal too much. He went as far as to call the device a “phablet” although mentions a 4.7-inch screen being in that category. Personally anything over 5-inches is too big, but he said it, not us.

Currently Acer only offers quad-core devices in the Android tablet segment, and their few phones have been pretty budget oriented devices. However, this year they will aim higher and offer quad-core smartphones with 1080p HD displays and all those top tier specs we love.

While the VP mentions 4.7-inches more than a few times, it’s actually unclear just how big Acer plans to take the screen on the new Liquid S. One thing we do know, it will be the companies new flagship smartphone to take on others in the high-end segment. Acer also mentions they’ll be growing out this segment over the course of 2013, so we can expect more than a few quad-core smartphones headed our way soon.