Acer has just issued an update to ease the minds of all the owners of the Iconia Tab A500 Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet. Over on the Acer New Zealand Facebook page they have announced the A500 tablet should see an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in April. With other Acer tablets already starting to get the latest from Google I’m sure many A500 owners aren’t too happy with the news.

I wouldn’t really call this good news. The recently released Acer Iconia Tab A200 started getting the Android 4.0 update this week, and we all expected the A500 to get the same treatment very soon — not in two months. The April update status comes from Acer New Zealand and here is what they officially had to say:

Great news, everyone! We’ve just got confirmation from HQ that the Iconia Tab A500 will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich in April. No exact date yet, but we’ll let you know when we have it. What are you looking forward to most in ICS?

At first we were hoping New Zealand was just behind on the times but yesterday @AcerAmerica also tweeted the same news. Confirming the update wont arrive for US owners until April either. To make it worse they even say mid-April. Most likely developers will get their hands on the A200 update and port it over to the A500 but for now it looks like you guys will have to wait. Previous rumors suggested the A500 would not receive Android 4.0 but those were simply false. Expect an update in a few months guys.

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  1. As an a500 owner I have to saw I am pretty disappointed, every time I hear about ICS and my tablet its usually about more delays.

    I guess I should consider myself lucky since many other tablets may not be as fortunate.

      • Yeah it a real drag this is why am so interested in the Spark give me a real unlocked Linux tablet any day over that Android or Apple lock down crap. It was so easy for the OEM’s to move from lock down phone to lock down tablet. The next step could well be lock down laptop….

  2. Why you never buy an “upgradeable” Android tablet or phone. Remember, they already have your money. They would rather sell you a separate device with 4.0 instead. It’s up to Google to pull a Microsoft and standardize hardware so they can just push updates without letting carriers and manufacturers get their grubby little hands on everything.

  3. Acer is a garbage company that I will never buy from again, I’m selling mine if anyone wants the  thing. Acer is a garbage company.

    • Try buying a Motorola Xoom tablet. I’m sure you’ll rate your Acer tablet 5 stars after that!!

      Consumer electronics today are all crap.
      Just don’t expect to buy another brand’s product and think that you have something else!
      Most products are manufactured and assembled at the same place today.
      Doesn’t matter whether it’s a Rolex watch or a Huawei cellphone quality will be roughly the same.

      • I did alot of research before finally settling down with my A500 it’s my first tablet. I didn’t want a over rated iPad lol so for a straight month I research n found the a500 or Acer for that matter is a great tab that outdid the i2 galaxy tab,doing n others. So you like troll. shoosh!

      • I own both, a Xoom and an A500 (my wife’s) I can honestly say, compared to the Acer Iconia Tab A500 the Xoom is a toy… only the compact look wins, everything else is failure. I can understand why google went with Asus to build their next gen reference device

    •  You are one of those people I hear about all the time. I believe the term is troll how’s the dirt hut under your bridge? Acer is solid and make good products and you have no idea what your talking about. So please go back under the bridge and be a whiny bitch where we normal folk don’t have to listen or see you anymore.

      Have A Nice Day

      • Nah just a normal person that doesn’t like being lied to. Do your homework it was originally slated for January then feb then march then fucking april

  4. Maybe its just me but I don’t know why everyone is whining about the ICS release. I am looking forward to it also, but in the mean time these tablets run great! I have the leaked version and other than the new look, it runs the same smoothness as honeycomb. I say just chill. It isn’t like we got a bad product. I love my A100!

  5.  I have the A500, but I have a Acer laptop, and I confirm that Acer is chicken feed, laptop seerwisie 6 times a guarantee, ask for a replacement, of course, did not agree, and now the A500 gets the ICS as the last tablet failure. Never pile the scrap heap

  6. WARNING !!! If you have a Acer Iconia 500 do not download this update !!!!! It creates big problems, the stand by mode stops working and shuts down the unit, very hard to restart, screen problems like blinking and flickering screen. I can not understand why they release such a bad product !! 


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