Acer is known for making affordable devices, but it is also somewhat known for skimping on features just to reach that price tag. With the new Iconia Tab 8, however, the manufacturer might be giving Android tablet users a handy and somewhat decent looking and performing option.

Let’s start with the screen and the size, the 8-inch IPS display that Acer has slapped on this tablet. The resolution is quite high, just a wee bit above the usual Full HD range with 1920×1200 pixels. Acer also boasts of employing Zero Air Gap technology. In a nutshell, this means that there is less distance between the LCD and the touch module, which results in less reflections, more responsive interactions, and a slimmer profile. There is also an anti-fingerprint coating to reduce the likelihood of smudges ruining your viewing experience.

Going inside, we meet a quad-core mobile chip from Intel, an Intel Atom Z3745 to be exact, running at max speeds of almost 2 GHz. The exact performance of Intel chips in Android tablets and smartphones isn’t exactly well-documented, but it could still be better than some cheaper alternatives out there. RAM size isn’t known, but this Intel chip is capable of supporting a max of 4 GB, though we will most likely see only 2 GB at the most. For network connectivity, it only does WiFi, supporting the 801.22a/b/g/n standards. Details on other hardware like front and rear cameras and battery are scarce, though the latter is advertised to last 7.5 hours when watching a video.

The Iconia Tab 8 sports a metallic rear plate that could give this tablet a more or less premium look. The 360 g weight and 8.5 mm thinness also goes in its favor as a device that would be comfortable to hold in one hand. Pricing details are still unknown but Acer is planning to launch the tablet around the third quarter this year, so we will most likely know before then.