There are several solutions on the market that allow you to get Android content from your smartphone or tablet to other devices, such as your TV. One of those solutions for getting content to your TV is Chromecast. If what you want is to get content from the smartphone to your PC, Acer has a new app coming called Acer Extend.

Extend lets you stream Android phone and tablet screens to Windows 8 PCs and tablets. With the app set up, you can play your favorite Android games on the PC screen using a WiFi connection or a USB cable.

While the app hasn’t launched yet, Android gamers who have spent hands on time with Acer Extend say that lag can be an issue. If lag is an issue when the app officially launches, that will probably be a deal breaker for many.

In addition to playing games on your PC, Acer Extend also allows for easy drag and drop file transfers. Windows PC users on any version of the OS other than Windows 8 will be out of luck, the app won’t work on any earlier versions of Windows. There is no word on the exact launch date at this time.

SOURCE: Droid Gamers