At the ongoing Computex event in Taiwan, Acer just announced that they are releasing not one, not two, but actually three new wearables as part of their Liquid Leap line. Leap Active is for “socially active young-minded” users, Leap Fit is for those who use wearables for fitness-related reasons, and the Leap Curve are for those who want their wearables to still fit in with their fashion style. All three new devices can track activities, receive notifications, and have intuitive touch screens.

We’re not really sure what Acer meant with “socially active” or why the Leap Active is for those kinds of young people, but the wearable has three interchangeable bands with vibrant colors, so maybe that rules out “older” users that prefer more formal or staid colors. The notifications include calls, texts, schedules, and social messages (so maybe that’s where the description comes in) from the paired smartphone. You can also use it as a remote for your music playback from your device.


The Leap Fit meanwhile, from the name itself, is for those who want help monitoring their fitness goals. It has a heart rate sensor as well as a stress sensor that will send you notifications if you reach dangerous stress levels. It also has interchangeable bands but with more typical colors: gold, silver, black metallic hairline finish. Meanwhile, for the fashion conscious, the Leap Curve may be the wearable for you. It has a curved ergonomical screen, and a 1.4-inch touch display that has extra room for more information. The bands are also made of premium material so it can match your different fashionable outfits.


Acer says that the pricing, specs and availability of these three new wearables will differ depending on the region. Let’s wait for further announcements.

VIA: SlashGear