Some smartwatch owners are still waiting for the Android Wear 2.0 update to roll out to their wearables, but already apps are starting to release their updated software for those devices that will be running on the majorly updated platform. AccuWeather is one of the first ones out the door to help you track local weather conditions and monitor potentially severe alerts, all without needing to open your connected smartphone or tablet. The app is already rolling out today in all markets so now all you have to wait is for Android Wear 2.0 to get to your watch (if it hasn’t yet).

You will be able to have at most six complications and each can be personalized on the watch face, depending on what you want to know, from local weather forecast to current conditions, cloud cover, precipitation, wind speed, and even the AccuWeather RealFeel temperature. The first page you’ll land on when you tap on a complication is the “Now” screen where you will be able to see current conditions, temperature and also the high/low temperature expected for the day.

When you tap on the Now screen once, you will then be able to see an hourly forecast for up to 12 hours. Tap it again and you will be able to see the daily forecast, which is something we’ve come to depend on with AccuWeather. The third tap probably means you need more information, and so you will be led to your connected Android phone so you can see detailed local weather forecasts using the Superior Accuracy program of AccuWeather.

The specially made Android Wear 2.0 watchface lets you see up to three complications at the same time on your smartwatch. You can also chose to add a specific location that you want to monitor if there are severe weather alerts. There are also Celsius/Farenheit options and a GPS enable/disable feature for the AccuWeather app which you can download from the Google Play page.

SOURCE: AccuWeather



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