We cannot avoid but use our smartphones when driving, no matter how many PSAs we see warning us about the dangers of doing so. That’s why various brands are coming up with wearables and gadgets that can help reduce the chance of accidents, but at the same time, letting you have easy access to your device even when you’re doing driving or riding a bike. The Satechi Bluetooth Home Button connects to your smartphone’s voice command system with just the press of a button.

Having a voice command system in your gadgets has actually made things so much easier, especially when your hands and eyes aren’t free, but you need something important from your device. The Satechi Home Button can be attached to your steering wheel or your bike’s handlebar, and it will still be able to connect to your phone or tablet even from 40 feet away. What it does is basically activate your voice command system with just one push of the button so that you can do things like have a text message read to you, change the song playing at that moment on your phone, have your phone read your appointments out loud to you, and whatever else your smartphone can do through voice commands.


All you need to do to be able to have all this is pair the Satechi BT button with your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth connection. There is no need to install a software or an app. However, aside from the newer iOS devices, the only other device you can pair with this button is the Samsung Galaxy S4 / S5.


You can get the Satechi BT Home Button from their online store for $24.99. The CR2016 battery included will supposedly last for 2 years, so no need for charging or changing batteries often.


SOURCE: Satechi