ABI Research has offered up its latest report and the report claims that Android is headed to nearly half of the smartphone market by 2016. ABI says that by 2016 Android will hold 45% of the smartphone market, which is a massive increase of 71% growth over levels the OS held in 2009. ABI also notes that 69 million Android smartphones shipped last year.

By 2016, ABI also notes that iOS will have 19% of the market by 2016. While iOS and Android will grow from now until 2016, ABI predicts that RIM will lose market share. RIM is expected to shrink from 16% of the market in 2010 to 14% by 2016.

ABI also predicts that BADA will do well on the smartphone market. “With 4 million units shipped in 2010 (amounting to a 1.5% market share), Bada has taken off very well, very fast,” analyst Michael Morgan adds. “Bada may reach 10% market share by 2016. Windows Phone 7, on the other hand, which shipped in two million handsets in Q4 2010, will have to find incredible success through its Nokia channel to take more than 7% of the market by 2016.”