There are lots of mobile web browsers available but only a few offer fast browsing speeds. Google recommends Chrome for obvious reasons but if you’re looking for a new one, try the A5 Browser. This web browser is very lightweight and fast. It even features a simple navigation page that allows one-tap access to the latest news and some of the most popular websites you regularly visit. If you want to add your favorite sites, you can do so by adding them to your fave sites list.

The A5 Browser app has been updated recently. You can change the default search engine from any of those popular ones from Google to Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuck Go, ASK, and Yandex. Despite the web browser’s small size (it’s only about 500kb), this app provides powerful web browsing for features and new content. Feel free to do almost anything with it: play HTML5, read the latest news, download files, and browse the internet with speed and reliability.

The A5 Browser is integrated with the top search engines so your search can yield only the most relevant results. There’s also voice search so no need to type when searching plus the Multi-tab management for a more convenient gesture control for multiple tabs.

Downloads can also be managed from the browser. And of course, there’s the standard bookmark to store your favorite sites and quickly access them.

Download A5 Browser from the Google Play Store