Logitech is teaming up with Google to bring Google TV to your current HDTV. If the Google TV is out of your price range or you already have a few nice HDTV’s, this companion box may be the best choice for you. It brings the full Google TV experience to your existing home entertainment system.

Harmon Link sits at the heart of Logitech’s Google TV experience. This new system takes in all kinds of signals and sends them out as infrared commands. This simple means that everything that is control via IR remote will be able to be controlled centrally by the Harmony Link system. Thus, Harmony Link, eliminating the need to have 4 or more remotes lying around to control various parts of your home entertainment system.

The companion box will also let you use a free app for your Android phone. This app turns your phone or Android device into a Harmony Link controller, giving you total control over your entertainment center right from your handset. This companion box comes with a full QWERTY keyboard you could use instead of your phone if you wish. Google TV and this box should be available this fall.

[via logitech]


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