Sometimes the leaks and rumors fly really fast, we just had some leaked images of what appears to be the Motorola Sholes. And now, thanks to Android Community (AC) forum member TheJuan, we get a picture of another Motorola phone that looks a lot like the DROID, sans the hardware keyboard.

Although the unknown Motorola smartphone on the above image is tipped to have the Android OS and a 3.8-inch touchscreen as well as an 8MP autofocus camera with LED flash. There isn’t any hard evidence to support those claims, and very little is known about this unnamed Motorola handset.

Since several AC forum members were not sure about this phone, they took it upon themselves to investigate. AC member samuraiBSD came back with the images below to compare one of the images from the back of the mystery Motorola device. As samuraiBSD put it: “Notice that the Motorola logo has something weird going on, and the design of the back looks overall very similar to the Omnia…too similar.”


[Thanks to TheJuan and samuraiBSD]