Do you want to build a snowman? Okay, I know those were the same first words that came to your mind when you saw this new game called ‘A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build’. This new puzzle adventure with such a long name is all about building a snowman. You’re not a human here but a monster who is obviously having a difficulty building that snow sculpture all children love. But how hard can it be? Play this game and find out that snowmen really are challenging to handle.

Main goal is to build a snowman–not just any other snowman but a good one that will impress people. Make more snowmen by solving mind-bending puzzles. The stunning graphic design was made by Benjamin Davis while an enchanting soundtrack is an original by Ryan Roth.

This puzzle game was actually awarded ‘Best Character Design’ at the Intel Level Up 2014. It was also recognized by a number of other award-giving bodies like Develop Indie Showcase (2014), Screenshake, BAFTA Inside Games Arcade, Different Games Arcade, and Fantastic Arcade this year.

Obviously, this is more of a Christmas game because of all the snow. But then again, you’re really a monster here. You’re not  as scary but just a weird-looking one. We don’t even know why you’re building a snowman but yeah, we get that it’s fun. Make sure you don’t force yourself if you already think that building a snow friend is becoming more difficult in every level lest you want to go crazy.

Download A Good Snowman from the Google Play Store