Puppy Punch Productions, a new studio created by Trendy Entertainment, is coming out with their first game, now entering closed beta testing. The studio is focusing on closed beta testing for iOS right now, but testing for Android is coming soon. From the description of the game, it sounds pretty interesting, and considering that it is coming from the makers of Dungeon Defenders, it should be quality. Puppy Punch Productions will be focusing on mobile gaming development for multiple platforms, which includes Android, of course. So what is this new game?

The name of the game is “A Game with Balls” or AGWB for short. The closed beta application window closed yesterday (May 15th) for iOS, and they were offering a $100 US iTunes gift card for the best tester. We hope that we will be seeing a closed beta opening up for Android soon as well. So what is the game all about? Of course we know it involves balls, but from the official game site, here is the description:

  • Action through Inaction – Less is more. Often a well-placed, small ball is better than a pair of big ones
  • Beautiful Hand-Drawn Art – Play with balls your way: unique themes allow you to customize your experience.
  • Tons of content – 3 different modes and 50+ levels insure you’ll be playing with balls for a long time.
  • Simple yet Skillful – Anyone can touch to play, but you’ll need to use your Brains AND Balls to survive.

Game description:

Balls fall from the sky and try to take over your life. In a chaotic frenzy you attempt to destroy them, but fail. You resign to your fate. But at the last moment your mind becomes clear and you begin to… understand. Zen. Why destroy them? Why not brush them aside, effortlessly? You transcend, a mystical shield rises from inside. Now a simple press to screen can solve anything…

And a screenshot:

It sounds pretty happening, and like it could be addictive. Looks like you will be controlling a gun in the center, and using the two gears on the bottom corners. From what we can tell, you have to get rid of all the balls, and as you shoot them they split into smaller balls. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more. More screenshots in the gallery below, and we also found a video of the game on the game’s Facebook page:

[via a game with balls Facebook page]



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